• 12 month UK bankruptcy

    The new insolvency regime in Ireland it will actually make it harder for Irish people to declare bankruptcy. It will not be allowed until people have tried a 6 month Debt Settlement Arrangement with their banks first. Even then bankruptcy will be 3 years with a possible additional 5 years of payments to creditors (8 years in total!).  It is the reason bankruptcies in Ireland will continue to minimal and Irish people will continue to choose the UK where they can restart a new life after just 12 months of bankruptcy. Read more

    12 month UK bankruptcy

Irish bankruptcy in the UK

In Ireland many people are burdened with debt that they will never pay off. Unfortunately whilst Ireland does now provide a solution many still consider it to be not fit for purpose and hence look to the UK for their solution.

For many people the UK provides the answer to their debt problems. In the UK, bankruptcy only lasts 12 months. If you are an Irish resident or any citizen of the EU then you are entitled to move to the UK and declare bankruptcy there and in doing so write off all your Irish debts.

Steve Thatcher  has twenty years experience of the bankruptcy process in the UK. In the past five years he has written off over €2.5bn of Irish debt in the UK. He can guide you through the whole process and is dedicated to helping Irish citizens who wish to avail of the fast and simple UK bankruptcy procedures.

This may not be the best solution for everybody but it remains the best option for a quick and easy write off of your Irish debts. The alternative is to go bankrupt in Ireland for three years and risk your creditors imposing an additional 5 years of payments on the end of your bankruptcy, resulting in a possible 8 years in Ireland – compared to 12 months in the UK.

Take control of future and declare bankruptcy in the UK

If you would like to declare bankruptcy in the UK then please call Steve on  00 44 116 266 5394 0r 00 44 7837608220 to discuss your circumstances and how a UK bankruptcy might assist you in freeing you from the burden of all your debts.